“I admired Erin very early on because she is so great at what she does while having the kindest heart.” - D.N.

I’m a Triple-Certified Professional Coach and Business Mentor. Change is my specialty. Your dreams and desires are my passion. Lovingly ass-kicking them into reality is my superpower.

Loves A Good Metaphor. Business Strategy Nerd. Outgoing Introvert.

Erin Meadows


You know you want transformation. Like a new title. Maybe a whole new career. More confidence. Better health. The freedom of your own business. A healthy relationship or more genuine connections.

You love personal growth, you know life is short, and you believe there’s more to life than this.

So what gives? What’s with the uphill battle? 

Sometimes, life lands us in a rut we just can’t get out of alone, and at this pivotal moment in your life, I would love to support you.

Good News: You Don’t Have To Do It Alone. 

You're A Woman Who Knows Something Has To


But You're

Stuck AF And Tired Of Trying To Figure It Out Alone.

“I am more confident in my own skin – willing to get into new situations, which were previously uncomfortable. I am also more confident in my skills, myself as a person and my worth. I look for the good, the gratitude, now. Before, it was all negative. I'm now willing to see what doesn't serve me and release it.” - A.S.

You need a coach who’s got the best parts of your bestie, your therapist, and your sassy, tell-it-like-it-is aunt.

Like you, I’ve been through some things in this life that have taught me our backburner goals and dreams aren’t going to manifest themselves. 

Two realizations that have changed my life:

In Case We've Never Met Before, I Love Personal Development, I’m A Swiftie, I Don’t Own A Stanley, I Geek Out Over Business Strategy, I’m A Singer, Naps Are Life, My Husband Is Chris, And Our Dog Is Zoe.

Hey, I'm Erin.

Thinking about it, reading about it, journaling about it, talking about it … these things alone don’t make dreams come true. But taking action with the right support does.

Someday is happening NOW, so stop waiting for the perfect time and go for it.


        I’ve gained and lost hundreds of pounds and felt horrible about my body at every weight, even my “goal” weight. When I finally broke up with chronic dieting I realized shrinking my body wouldn’t guarantee me happiness and confidence, but working on what I think about my body would. (Read more about my journey from total body hate to blissfully body neutral here.)


Here’s a bit more about me: 

        I am a two-time entrepreneur and love all things personal development, coaching and business strategy. As a new entrepreneur, I spent WAY too much time trying to learn how everyone else was running their business (hello courses and never-ending market research!) and not enough time showing up as the CEO of my own. Once I caught that not-so-helpful habit, I made changes that upgraded everything for me.

       I live and thrive with anxiety/panic disorder, ADHD, and bouts of depression, and I love talking about it with people. (Shame thrives in the dark and dies in the light).


        I've had the gut-wrenching experience of losing my dad in my 20s and then my mother in my 30s. It taught me that now is the time to pursue our dreams, not "someday."

          Once upon a time, I was pursuing C-level positions in my industry, and after getting the ‘name your price’ call I realized - there isn’t enough money in the world worth my being miserable. (Read more about my ladder climbing days … you just might see yourself in my story.)


(I didn’t make that up. A client said it!)

By taking one small, courageous step at a time, I’ve created a juicy, joyful, healthy and satisfying life and career for myself. Now I’m on a mission to help other women do the same. I’m ready to be your coach and your #1 hype girl!

Consider Me A Blend of Life Coach, Cheerleader, Got Your Back BFF and Soul Sister.

My Mini Manifesto:

I started this coaching practice because I believe every woman deserves to live a life filled with purpose, joy, and self-acceptance.

We do not have to accept burnout, overwhelm, feeling stuck or slowly descending into a life of “meh.”

We deserve to take exceptional care of our mental, physical, financial, and spiritual well-being.

We deserve to take up space and be powerful, confident, and embodied leaders of our lives and careers.

We deserve the freedom to have fun, and to do things just for the joy of doing them.

We deserve to build businesses, make money and go for our
wildest dreams.

I believe when we’re ready and willing to do the work and go after what we really want, our best lives are there for the taking.

I believe - no, I know - you deserve a life and career that lights you up more than it burns you out.

You’re Invited To Start Your Change With One Simple No-Strings Attached Call.

(Don’t worry. It will feel less like boot camp and more like “Holy sh!t, I DID IT!”)

And, I believe it is possible for you... yes, YOU! I’m calling you in to do the work, right here, right now. All you have to do is take the first step.

But don’t take my word for it! Here's what real clients have to say:

I’ve Helped My Clients Breakthrough To All Kinds Of Change:

Start and grow businesses
Land dream jobs
Get paid more money
Find their purpose
Create peace and harmony in their relationships
Find joy in tough circumstances
Take control of their health and well-being
Improve their body image
Increase their confidence
Hit their goals

- M.B.

“When we first met, she told me exactly what I needed to hear to believe in myself as a young and new business owner. She naturally had the right kind of encouragement that helped me start breaking down the biggest doubts that were holding me back.”

- G.C.

“She showed me how to manage effectively AND with a heart.

- E.A.

“I … secured a salary that is more than three times what I was previously making.

- S.M.

“Simply put- Erin is amazing. Her feedback is genuine, clear and concise. I always feel like she cares about my success.

- A.S.

“Erin is an amazing coach and I couldn't have gotten through the past year+ without her! I thank her for being my rock, and for her huge hand in helping me rediscover myself and understand my worth.

- K.N.

“I knew [Erin] would be instrumental in my professional development journey. From building relationships in a virtual environment to creating a strategic plan in the middle of a pandemic, Erin provided intentional and invaluable guidance.”

- A.S.

“Erin was willing to ask the hard questions and dig deep.”

Business. Self-worth. Career. Integrity. Money. Body Love. 

kind words
HUMOR: Does the idea of doing “the work” kind of freeze you up? Don’t worry - we’re going to make it fun. 

COMPASSION: When was the last time someone really heard you and understood what you’ve been through? That kind of compassion is a game changer, and I’m here for it.

INTUITION: I get this a lot: “How did you know?” Having an intuitive coach means someone who can read between and beyond the lines so you can have breakthroughs you never thought possible.

HYPE WOMAN: In our coaching relationship, you need to know that no matter what happens, I’m rooting for you. Cheering for you. Seeing how amazing you are and holding your vision as already true.

CUT TO THE CHASE: I don’t pussyfoot around. I hold my clients with love and care and I say what needs to be said so we don’t waste your precious time.

With my coaching style, you’ll feel comfortable to get real very quickly, so we can roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Here’s What Coaching With Me Is Like: 

Sound Irresistible? Let’s Chat!

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Communication
  • Certified Professional Coach by the Institute for Professional Coaching (iPEC)
  • IOM certification by the US Chamber of Commerce Institute of Management
  • Over 20 years in marketing/communication/business strategy
  • Started a consulting company, Cause Collaboration, in 2015
  • Started Erin Meadows Coaching in 2019
  • Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment
  • BARE Certified by the University for Life Coach Training
  • My name with all the letters: Erin Meadows, CPC, IOM, BARE, ELI-MP

The Soup To Nuts About My Qualifications:

Long Story Short, I’ve Done A Lot of Things That Will Help YOU Get Where You Want to Go.

“She is a visionary leader and she brings deep and varied expertise to the table.” - D.N.