From Dipping One Pinky Toe In … To Skinny Dipping In A Glacier Lake, I’ve Got Something For Every Commitment Level!

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I came to Erin at a time in my life where I truly felt like I was at a crossroads. I was feeling generally unhappy and uninspired. Erin helped me realize that I was allowing the joy and peace to drain out of my personal life. She gave me a huge dose of confidence, and I can see the happiness and inspiration slowly coming back into my life.” - S.M.

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One-On-One, Private Coaching For The Woman Ready To Leap

If you’re a woman who knows SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE (and it might just be your whole life), let’s talk about Your Upgrade. I offer levels of my 1:1 coaching, from 3 months up to a year, where I help you decide what you want and then stand beside you the whole way as you go for it! Click below to learn more about 1:1 coaching with me.

Spark Change Session

This 2-hour session is for the woman who wants to make a change in her life or career. This might be you if you know what you want to change but you also know that you need help creating the plan for change — and overcoming the challenges that come with actually making that change! You’ll get a plan to implement on your own after 7 days of Voxer coaching.

If you’re a woman who has been in an uphill battle with that one single goal – whether it’s committing to a career change, transforming your relationship with your body, building your business, or finally running that half-marathon … this is for you! This group program helps you take whatever your Mount Everest is and get past Base Camp with a community of accountability (and encouragement!) so you can head for the summit in just 90 days! This program will launch in 2024, get on the waiting list to be the first to hear when I open the doors.

90-Day Slay: Get One Thing Done. Really, Really Done.

If you’re either quiet quitting, burning out, or drowning in anxiety trying to love your job … we need to talk. There’s no need to spend 8+ hours a day wishing for more, when you can just have it. Seriously. Ask my clients.


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Career Breakthrough Lab: Get Unstuck & Stay Unstuck

Download your free Ultimate Life Upgrade Workbook to gain clarity, create balance, and design a life you love. This workbook is designed to help you visualize and evaluate your satisfaction with nine key areas of your life so you can start living a life you LOVE … now.

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- M.B.

“If you asked me ‘what was the single most transformative and helpful resource you invested in in your adult life,’ I would say coaching with Erin Meadows.”

- G.C.

“The work that Erin does is magical. I am learning foundational skills to show up, speak up and conquer all of my challenges.”

- E.A.

“My first session with Erin left me feeling as though I had ‘power posed’ for a full ninety minutes.”

- L.F.

“What surprised me about coaching? How much and how quickly I could make positive changes in my life!”

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