Ultimate Life Upgrade Workbook

Your guide to gain clarity, create balance, and design a life you LOVE. 

The first step is to figure out what parts of your life you love — and what parts are just kind of meh. 

This workbook is designed to help you visualize and evaluate your satisfaction with the nine key areas of your life so you can start living a life you LOVE. 

Are you loving life? Or just getting through it?

MORE Career Satisfaction: Forget the burnout and constant sacrifices.

MORE Body Love: No more demoralizing diet culture for you!

MORE Connection: Creating and nurturing meaningful relationships and community.

MORE Personal Time: Enjoying YOU time without guilt, shame or interruption.

MORE Daily Joy: Moments of exhilaration, pleasure, and aliveness.

MORE Adventure: MORE travel, MORE stories to tell.

So many women are just surviving their lives every day. Sure, there are things they enjoy or even love about their lives…but for the most part? They’re just relieved when their head hits the pillow at the end of the day. 

It doesn’t have to be like that. 

What if you could learn how to get more of what you actually enjoy in your life?

Inside this workbook, you’ll get a glimpse of how good life can really be once you’ve evaluated where your life currently is. 

The workbook is broken up into 5 days to make it super easy for you to follow, though you can do it all in one sitting if you’d rather. The important thing is being honest with yourself. 

Are you ready to begin? Take a deep breath -- and let’s go.

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